State Police : (508) 820-2300

OD Permits : (781) 431-5148

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Registration maximum weight (cab card) : Must match operating weight.

Operating time : Generally, vehicles under 12' wide and under 14' high may travel from Monday morning 12:01 a.m. through noon on Saturday and Sunday from 12:01 a.m. until noon. Vehicles between 12' and 14' wide, over 13'11" in height, and over 80' long (but not over 114' long) are only permitted for travel sunrise to sunset Monday through Friday except no travel allowed between 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. or between 3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

No travel on major holidays, and some holiday weekends. Check with the Sammons Permit Office. Routes 95 and 93 in the Boston area are restricted to travel only between 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Massachusetts Turnpike: Between NY line and I-95, no permit is required up to 10' wide, legal weight, and up to 80' long. Turnpike permits are issued for vehicles and loads up to 12' wide, 13'9" high, 80' long, and up to 99,000 pounds. (Lower limits apply to the Sumner, Callahan and Ted Williams Tunnels in the Boston area.) Permits to exceed these dimensions on the Turnpike require special engineering approval plus a $350.00 fee. Vehicles/loads over 12' wide, over 100' long or over 130,000 gross requires a police escort. The Turnpike phone number is: 781-431-5148.

Weights : Weight: 130,000 pounds gross. Single, Tandem, Tri Axle – Depends on axle spacing. Loads exceeding these weight are treated as super loads. Over 130,000 pounds gross requires engineering company survey of structures. This can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the route and number of structures!.

Size : Width: 14'11” Height: 14'11” (Over 13'8" requires a height survey) Length: 115' .Loads exceeding these dimensions are treated as super loads, Note: the maximum super load width in Massachusetts is 16 feet.

Escorts : Width: Over 12' – 1 escort; over 13'6 – 2 escorts; 12' and up bulldozer with blade – 2 escorts. Height: Over 13' 8" – route/height survey + 1 front; Over 13'11" (depending on route) – 2 escorts. Over 14’11” – 2 front + state police escort. Length: Over 80' – 1 escort; over 95' – 2 escorts; 115' or more – 2 State Police escorts; 134’ or more – State police + 2 escorts. On Massachusetts Turnpike, over 12' wide, over 100' long or over 130,000 pounds gross requires a police escort. In City of Boston, if over legal dimensions – 1 escort + city police. On Cape Cod, width over 12' – 1 escort + State Police escort.

Signs : "Oversize Load" sign required on rear of an oversize vehicle that does not require an escort. Mount red flags on extremities and corners for any over-width or over-length vehicle. For all O/D loads made during hours of darkness, a flashing amber light shall be in operation above the highest point of the vehicle and visible from the front and rear of the vehicle.

General : Permits valid for five travel days. Must have permit prior to entering the state.