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State Police : (775) 687-5300

OD Permits : (775) 888-7410

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Registration maximum weight (cab card) : 80000

Operating time : One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, plus the following exceptions: Loads not exceeding 12 wide, 15' high, 110' long are permitted for night travel. Loads not exceeding 14' wide, 15' high, 110' long, are permitted for weekend travel except in restricted areas noted in next section.

For loads exceeding 14' wide, 16' high, 105' long, and 15’ overhang can travel weekends but cannot travel on I-80 between Reno and CA line or on I-15 between Las Vegas (exit 33) and California line. There are no weekday curfews for Las Vegas, Reno or other cities. Holiday travel is usually permitted for loads not exceeding 12 wide, 15' high, 110' long.

Weights : * (5 axles) * (6 axles) * (7 axles) *Depends on spacing Single – 20,000* Tandem – 46,725* Tri Axle – 58,000 to 59,000* *Depends on spacing. Note: 58,000-59,000 pounds is the tri axle "bonus weight" in Nevada and is now allowed on one or two tri axle. Additional tri axle would get around 51,000 pounds. A Tri Axle drive on a tractor can be permitted for the bonus weight (as one of the two tri axles) as long as the spacing from the steer axle to center of middle drive axles is at least 18 feet. Loads in excess of these dimensions are reviewed on individual basis only.

Size : Width: 17' Height: 19' Length: No max. Each trip is at state’s discretion. Over 105’ – 1 escort. Overhang: No maximum overhang if on permitted load.

Escorts : On Interstate and 4 or more lane highways: Width: Over 14' – 1 escort; over 16' – 2 escorts; over 17' – may require 2 escorts and Highway Patrol. Height: Over 15'6" – 1 high-pole escort Length: Over 110' – 1 escort Overhang: Over 25' rear – 1 escort

On 2-lane highways: Width: Over 12' – 1 escort; over 14' – 2 escorts; over 16' – 3 escorts, over 17' – reviewed on individual basis, may require 2 escorts and Highway Patrol. Hoover Dam area: width 8'6" to 10' (maximum allowed) – 2 escorts. Height: Over 15'6" – 1 high-pole escort Length: Over 110' – 1 escort Overhang: Over 25' – 1 escort

Length: Over 105’ – 1 escort.

SEASONAL LOAD (WEIGHT) RESTRICTIONS : Spring thaw weight restrictions exist on some secondary routes approximately February through April.

Signs :  All vehicles in excess of 8'6" width must display "Oversize Load" signs front and rear. Headlights must be on low beam. Signs shall only be displayed when necessary. Over 4' overhang should display flag.

NV LIGHT PERMIT : You must have a Nevada Light Permit to run flashing revolving amber warning light(s) or even to travel with it turned off but uncovered. This permit is available in Missoula, and can be faxed to you. If you do not have a current amber light permit, the light must be covered (or removed).

General : Permits valid for five days. Must have permit prior to entering the state.