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State Police : (615) 251-5166

OD Permits : (615) 741-3821

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Registration maximum weight (cab card) : 80000

Operating time : 24/7 continuous movement.

Movements over 12'6" in width or 85' long or greater or will not be allowed within any statewide city limits and all heavily traveled adjoining commercial or residential areas between the hours of 7:00-9:00 AM and 4:00- 6:00 PM from Monday through Friday. No travel on major holidays.

Weights : 5 axles – 100,000, 6 axles – 120,000, 7 axles 140,000, Single – 20,000, Tandem – 40,000, Tri Axle– 60,000.If Kingpin setting is less than 50'than 23000 per axle. Loads exceeding these weights are Super Loads.

Size :Width: 16', Height: 15', Length: 120'.Loads exceeding these dimensions are Super Loads. Generally, movements of over 16' wide or 15' high will not be permitted unless it can be proven that the movement is in the interests of public welfare, safety, or national defense. Movements over 16' high will not usually be permitted, and would require a letter of necessity describing the load and why it needed to go through TN to possibly get a permit.

Escorts :Width: On Interstate and 4-lane highways: Over 12'6" – 1 escort, over 14' – 2 escorts. On 2-lane highways: Over 10' – 1 escort (unless over 24' pavement width excluding shoulders), over 14' – 2 escorts. Height: Over 15' (if approved) – 1 escort with height pole. Length: Over 85' – 1 escort, over 120' – 2 escorts. (Over 75' to 85' long requires rotating or strobe type amber light).

Signs :All movements exceeding 10' in width and/or 75' in length require “Oversize Load” at front and rear. Loads over 75’ overall length but not exceeding 85’ require a rotating or strobe type amber light on the end of the load. Red flags are required on over width loads front and rear, and top and bottom each side where load is widest (or at the widest point if it is between the top and bottom). Red flags must be placed at the extreme rear end of over length loads or when there is over 4' rear overhang. No sign or flag requirements are listed for over height only loads. For overweight-only loads, you still need Oversize Load signs according to a scale officer, but the rules and regulations do not specify this.Red lights must be set on widest part of the load on both sides for Sunset to sunrise movement.

General :Permits valid for six days. Must have permit prior to entering state. Bulldozer blades or loads with protruding sharp objects shall be loaded with the blade or protruding sharp object to the rear of the hauling equipment when the blade exceeds 10'6” in width. No permits will be issued for blades or protruding sharp objects creating width in excess of 13'6". Combination loads cannot be permitted for two over-dimensions on two different pieces (example: cannot permit for a load with over width bulldozer and over-height backhoe on same load).