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State Police : (512) 424-2000

OD Permits : (800) 299-1700

Road Conditions :  Live Map

2017  Sunrise/ Sunset chart

Registration maximum weight (cab card) : 80000

Operating time :One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Daylight only, including Saturday and Sunday. Loads not exceeding 10' wide, legal height (14') or 100' long with legal front and rear overhang may travel at night on Interstate system only. Overweight only may have continuous movement.

City/county curfew times are now listed on the permit. Travel is allowed on major holidays depending on dimensions.

Weights : Single – 25,000 Tandem – 46,000 Tri Axle– 60,000 Quad – 70,000 Loads exceeding these dimensions are Super Loads. The state will propose a route which we are then required to survey physically and sign off on. Over 254,000 pounds, or over 200,000 pounds with less than 95 feet of axle spacing are Super Heavy Loads which require several weeks to approve.

Size :Width: 20' (16' on Interstate System) Height: 18'11" Length: 180' Overhang: 30'

Escorts :Width: Over 14' – 1 escort, over 16' – 2 escorts. Height: Over 17' – 1 escort, over 18’ – 2 escorts Length: Over 110' – 1 escort, over 125' – 2 escorts. Overhang: Over 20' – 1 escort, over 30' – 2 escorts (needs special approval) If the load is over two dimensions that require escort, then 2 escorts will be required.

Signs :Signs are only required on escort vehicles. Red flags should be placed at all extremities.

General :Permits valid for five days. Must have permit prior to entering state.A flatbed load cannot be permitted for width and height at the same time.